Martie du Plessis High School for the Cerebral Palsied

Principal: Mr Francois van Heerden

Martie du Plessis is a school for cerebral palsied, physically disabled and learning disabled learners. The school is situated at the foot of Brandkop in the heart of Bloemfontein. The school had humble beginnings in 1957 as a diagnostic centre and received the first full-time learners in 1962.

What is our dream?
At Martie du Plessis we realise that learners and parents arrive at our door with shattered dreams and without hope. Therefore we define what we do as follows: “We are rebuilders of dreams and givers of hope” for parents and learners.

The curriculum we follow
The school follows the normal mainstream syllabus and offers parallel medium tuition in Afrikaans and English to learners from grade R to grade 12.

A holistic approach
In order to fulfil each learner’s potential, the school has a full multidisciplinary team which ensures that each learner is empowered holistically. The team consists of psychologists, a social worker, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, a supporting team of remedial teachers, a nurse and medical specialists who voluntarily offer clinics at the school on a session basis.

The school also has well-equipped sports facilities and an equipped hostel for learners not residing in Bloemfontein.

Admission to the school
Admission to the school is considered by the school based assessment team of the school where the learner is enrolled at that stage. This team then refers the application for possible placement in Martie du Plessis to the district based support team.

Any other enquiries can be directed to the school’s Psychology Department.

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Telephone number: 051 522 6801
Tax number: 051 522 6865
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91 Du Plooy Crescent
Fichardt Park
PO Box 31895