Transvalia School for Epilepsy and Learning Disabilities

200 Jan Coetzee Street
Jan Niemand Park

Private Bag X6
Lynn East

Telephone number: (012) 800 1071-4
Fax number: (012) 800 1075
E-Mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Transvalia School is a school for children who suffer from epilepsy and / or experience severe learning disabilities. These children are dependent on the specialised, individualised services, medical and neurological services, boarding facilities and audio support system that the school provides. These services are provided for learners from grade 1 to grade 10 through the mediums of both Afrikaans and English. Grade 11 and 12 are also being phased in.

All grades follow the national curriculum as prescribed in the NCS and RNCS.
Learners have access to a highly specialised computer centre which also has a reading programme to help learners with their reading problem at their own individual pace. Independent of the above mentioned computer centre the school also has a Gauteng Online centre where the learners can receive help with their research projects.

To complement Catering Studies Transvalia has its own training restaurant C’est la Vie where learners apply their knowledge and skills in practice.

Learners receive Audio Aid in order to assist them with the learning process. Schoolwork and the contents are read on CD and learners can listen to the CD and follow the written work in their books. Those experiencing serious reading problems especially benefit from this method. Learners can even write exams, using Audio Aid.

Transvalia competes in sports such as athletics, rugby and netball
During summer the school participates in athletics and compete against 8 other LSEN schools. A large number of these athletes are selected for the SA athletics team for Special Education and compete at the USSASA SA Championships in Sasolburg. We are very proud that a large number of our learners annually make it through to the SA athletics team for Specialised Education where they participate at the USSASA SA Championships at Sasolburg.

Transvalia School is known for its positive rugby spirit. For the past few years we have been in the position that some of our players were chosen for the Northern Gauteng Blue Bull team for schools for LSEN. During the July holidays they participate at the Craven Week for Special Schools. Here they get the opportunity to participate on Provincial Level against other provinces. At the end of this week a LSEN Schools team is chosen and we are privilede to have a few team members yearly.

Transvalia School has a healthy netball spirit. For the past few years we have been in the position where some of our players were chosen for the Northern Gauteng Netball team for schools for LSEN. They usually participate against teams of other provinces during the July holidays where they get the opportunity to meet learners from other schools and cultures and develop their social skills.

Each year we present either a revue or concert, which is also performed in the Pierneef Theatre and the Aula.

Our learners participate in the Pretoria Eistedfodd and always achieve highest accolades. Learners’ self esteem greatly benefit by this. Transvalia has been the proud recipient of the En Avant trophy for the best individual achievement in the Senior Poetry section for Specialised Education at the eisteddfodd.

Camps are organized annually for both the Primary and High Schools.

Learners from outside Pretoria are accommodated in three hostels and are taken care of by devoted hostel parents. Three to six learners per room. Dining room, TV room and study hall. Routine and supervised study hours. A home away from home!

Learners from all over Pretoria are transported to and from school. Transport is available according to the amount of seats on the bus. Three municipal busses are rented by Transvalia and our neighbouring schools and are driven by our own bus drivers. Each bus has a supervisor to take care of the passengers. Mini buses are also used to transport learners.