Sonitus School for the Hearing Impaired

200 Jan Coetzee Street
Jan Niemand Park

PO Box 15408
Lynn East

Telephone number: (012) 800 1161/2/3
Fax number: (012) 800 1170
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At Sonitus School for Hearing Impaired Learners we believe that each child should be enabled to reach his or her full potential. The school is situated in East Lynne, Pretoria. Sonitus is one of a few schools who teach hearing impaired learners with the auditory verbal programme. Our school encourages the learners to master verbal communication.

Early identification of hearing loss helps a child to reach his/her full potential and to function successfully in a hearing world. Early intervention and an effective follow up programme are essential to enable a child to cope in a hearing society. Early identification and treatment are essential for the hearing impaired child in the acquiring of normal spoken language. Hearing loss can be detected as early as at birth. The aim at Sonitus is to give each child language at an early age.

A supportive parental guidance programme empowers parents to stimulate maximal language development in their children.

The school offer education to learners from the age of 3 to Grade 12. Learners can choose from a variety of subjects to prepare them for further education. Visual and practical teaching methods enable effective communication. A number of career orientated programmes are also offered. For possible placement in the skills training department, learners with specific barriers are placed in Support groups. Placement in a support group is done on merit and specific criteria are used: age, shortfalls, skills, behaviour, previous learning experiences, inputs and therapy already received. The official curriculum as prescribed by the Gauteng Department of Education is implemented.

Participation in sport and cultural activities plays an important role in the development of a child with a hearing loss. All learners are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of sport and culture offered by the school. Independency, self-confidence and a sense of belonging is promoted through sport and cultural programmes. Learners are taught to be culturally and esthetically sensitive in various social fields.

Several learners have achieved national colours in sport such as softball, rugby, cricket and netball. Badminton and swimming is also promoted. A high success rate is achieved in singing competitions, eisteddfods and revue’s.

Sonitus receives a small subsidy from government, but the main income is from school fees. A percentage of learners cannot pay any school fees and that is a financial burden on the school. However, we have 75 learners whose parents cannot pay any school fees and this is a financial burden on the school. The school has 322 learners at present.

Sonitus empowers learners by offering a variety of additional services to help them to succeed in life. Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychological Services, Welfare Services, Health Services, Hostel facilities, Transport (daily), After school care and Information facilities are available at school.